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What is a Limited Edition Print?
A Limited Edition Print is an edition of identical prints numbered sequentially and individually signed by the artist, having a stated limit to the number in the edition. All limited edition prints are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

What is an Artist's Proof?
Artist's Proofs are a special subset of the regular limited edition, traditionally totaling about 10% of the regular edition. Although they are virtually identical to the regular edition, Artist’s Proofs are all signed and numbered consecutively with Roman numerals by the artist, for example, AP VIII/C (meaning 8 out of 100 prints). Because of their smaller editions, Artist’s Proofs are more rare and therefore, higher priced.

What is a Giclée?
A giclée print is created with digital printers using tiny ink jets that spray microscopic ink droplets onto a sheet of canvas, creating a lush, vibrant and textured art print that has the look of an original painting. Our canvas giclées come stretched, ready for framing and need no glass in front of the image to protect them. The edition sizes vary.



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